Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls are among the most important elements of network security they are the first line of defense. Protect your business from cyber threats by filtering traffic to allow the free flow of legitimate communications while preventing unauthorized access. Firewalls are a critical security layer that virtually all businesses require. Firewalls that are not well managed, can easily become an unwitting security risk

The Benefits of a Managed Firewall at a Glance:

Protect against revenue loss and safeguard your critical information against security outages
Control the escalation of IT security costs and operational processes
Service options and feature set tailored to address your security policy requirements
One-stop-shop for Network and managed security
Firewall Auditing Services

This is what layered security is all about: understanding how the bad guys are attacking us. This is a battlefield and they’re charting it out. 

By the SonicWALL CEO