Securely access your assets from anywhere you want!

You have probably heard of the cloud before but do you know what it really is, or more importantly, how can it help improve your business?

Unimatrix Computer Solutions has all the answers for you with the IT and business expertise you need to simplify your transition to the cloud.

At Unimatrix we have 15 years’ experience delivering backup solutions. We understand that every customer has their own unique needs and one solution doesn’t always fit all.

We provide cloud data backup that prepares, prevents and protects your information to make sure that your business assets are kept secure.

Our team will protect your data by storing it on a highly secure and geo-redundant server that will be monitored 24/7 which can be accessed, viewed and shared from any location via the internet.

If your server or workstation suffers a catastrophic failure, we use our image-based backups or send our technicians for a speedy, on premise backup help us get you back to work faster.

Whether it’s a lost spreadsheet or an accidentally deleted folder, just give us a call and we’ll take it from there. We restore the files from your backup right back to your server, usually in a matter of minutes leveraging the multiple backup technologies we own.

Benefits of Cloud:

  • Access, view, and share your applications from anywhere on any device
  • Rapid Backup and Recovery
  • Security and Encryption
  • Full Managed
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Data Retention and Archiving
  • Auto Backup and Validation
  • Replacing old infrastructure
  • Optimization of the cost structure (CapEx to OpEx conversion) is also the focus of interest
  • Successful future workplace transformation
  • Maximize the productivity of your employees
  • Free up office space
  • Save money, pay-as-you-go-pricing-structure
  • Eliminate storage and cooling costs

IT Cloud Services We Provide:

  • Cloud Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Cloud Backup
  • Backend web development for applications that need to be hosted on the cloud

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