Support with Unimatrix

Consequences of a weak computer system

What happens to your company if your computer systems are vulnerable to attacks? Your system crashes. Your business shuts down. In the business world, lost time means lost money. When computers crash, not only do companies suffer from costly downtime, but they also experience serious security breaches, both internal and external. When systems crash, employees fall behind in important deadlines or lose important data. Companies face costly delays, Customer and sales records disappear, sensitive data is at risk and legal implications could arise.

We offer the following services

  • We diagnose and assess system challenges and offer solutions
  • We install local and offsite backup systems
  • We install and renew antivirus programs
  • We install software and applications

The Unimatrix Advantage
is a secure IT infrastructure

From diagnosis to recovery, from the moment that the Unimatrix team walks into your business environment to assess your systems, you’re in trustworthy hands. We identify existing or potential risks to your computers and inform you of the available options for targeting system challenges. We are serious about your business and ours. Our proactive approach to IT support significantly decreases the threat scope and severity of computer system failures.

Should any of your employees notice a system glitch, Unimatrix is just a phone call away. If you don’t have an IT department, consider Unimatrix your offsite solutions partner. If you already have an IT staff, our experienced professionals are always ready to provide support. We offer both onsite and offsite assistance. Based on the severity of the call, we send out our technicians as soon as possible to assess and repair any software or hardware issues.

Remote Assistance for PC

Remote Assistance for Mac